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By taking our basic test we can do a preliminary analysis to verify whether you are eligible for
Polish Citizenship . Being granted Polish Citizenship will depend on three main aspects:

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Polish Citizenship

We specialize in processing and obtaining Polish Citizenship for descendants of Poles. We handle difficult cases with missing documents. We have an in-house team of experienced lawyers, archivists and translators in Argentina, Toronto, and Europe. We file all cases directly in Warsaw since it is much quicker than filing through an Embassy.

Property Restitution

We work with specialized property restitution lawyers in Poland. We structure our cases and fee structures according to the client's economic possibilitiesand the value of the property in question. It is possible to make court filings without incurring in out of pocket costs. Call us today for a free assessment.

File Search

We carry out searches in archives when documents is missing to certify your right to Polish Citizenship. We also conduct file searches to find titles to properties for restitution. We work with trained archivists in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine.


In addition to the official translations that are presented for the Polish Citizenship process, we carry out unofficial translations from Polish to English and Spanish, and vice versa. We also translate Modern Russian and Old Russian documents into Spanish and English.

Embassy Appointments

We book appointments for processing or for renewing passports at the Polish Embassy. We also help with legal matters such as obtaining non naturalization letters, and certifying documents. We provide integral counsel regarding protocols to follow, combined with completing all necessary forms in Polish.

Benefits of having a Polish Passport

As of July 2019, Polish citizens had visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 172 countries and territories, ranking the Polish passport 8th worldwide concerning travel freedom according to the Index of Henley Passports.

Polish Passport Opens Doors

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Living and Working

Having European Citizenship allows you to work in any EU country without requiring a work permit. This freedom makes it possible for you to discover new cultures, broaden your horizons and have more possibilities in the future. Working in Europe makes it possible for you to access
high salaries and generous benefits such as paid holidays and extended maternity leave.

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Studying in Europe

As a European citizen, it is within your rights to be able to study for free in any EU country. You can receive scholarships granted by countries or international organizations that offer them to European citizens. Be a part of ERASMUS and study in several European Universities, often completely free alongside with monthly stipends.

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Visa Free

Move freely. Being an EU citizen allows you to travel freely around any of the 27 countries inside the European Union, entering and leaving without requiring a visa. You can also move Visa Free in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It also provides easier access to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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Free European Medicine

Traveling in any EU country does not exempt you from getting sick and from needing medical
attention. With the European Health Card you are able to receive the same healthcare that any resident of the country that you are in would. Europe has some of the best healthcare in the world and many times its cheaper to travel to Europe and get treated for free there than having to pay outrageous medical bills back home.

Mi Pasaporte Polaco

Guillermo Borger: Former President of AMIA. After an exhaustive document search in Poland Guillermo was granted his Polish Citizenship because of our team. Play Video about Guillermo Borger

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Polish Passport - EU Benefits

The Polish Passport gives you access to the common European market. It gives you the same rights as any European citizen. It allows you to live, work , and study for free in any country inside the European Union. It grants you access to the best hospitals in Europe. You can pass on all these benefits and rights to your partner and your children.

Invest in having the freedom to decide where to live.