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Polish Citizenship

We specialize in obtaining Polish citizenships for Polish descendants. We take difficult cases that lack sufficient documentation. We have an outstanding team of lawyers, archivists and translators in Argentina and in Europe. We do not apply through the embassy. Instead, we present ALL cases directly in Warsaw due to expediency.

Property recuperation

We work with property recovery lawyers in Poland. We structure the cases in a flexible way to adapt to the client's financial means. Court filings are possible without incurring exuberant costs. Call us today to analyze your case without any commitment on your part.

Archive searches

We carry out searches in Polish archives in those cases where clients lack sufficient documentation to prove that their ancestor was indeed a Polish citizen. We also conduct searches to find property titles for property recuperation. We work with variety of archivists in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc.


In addition to the official translations that are submitted to obtain a Polish citizenship, we carry out unofficial translations from Polish to English and Spanish, and vice versa. We also translate modern Russian as well as old Russian documents into Spanish and English.

Polish Passport — EU Benefits

Having a Polish passport gives you access to the European Union. It grants you the rights of a citizen of the EU. You’ll be able to live, work, and study in any member country of the European Union as well as have access to the best hospitals within Europe.

What’s great is you can share all these benefits and rights with your partner and your children.

Invest in the freedom to decide where to live.




The Polish passport opens doors

Ciudadania Europea

Work and Travel

With an EU citizenship you can work in any member country without the need for a work permit or a visa. This freedom allows you to discover new cultures, broaden your horizons and expand the range of future possibilities. Working in Europe enables you to earn higher wages and enjoy great privileges such as paid holidays and long maternity leave.

Estudiar en Europa. Beneficios de Ciudadania Polaca.

Study in Europe

If you are a European citizen, you have the right to study in any EU country under the same conditions as a local. You can obtain scholarships that are only awarded to European citizens. Participate in ERASMUS and study in various European Universities. These universities are often completely free and even grant stipends to European citizens.

Vivir en Europa

Visa-free travel

Move freely. Being a citizen of the EU allows you to travel freely through any of the 27 countries of the European Union, entering and leaving without the need for a visa. You can even travel to Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein! Being an EU citizen also makes it easier to obtain visas to travel to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Medicina Europea Gratis

Access to European Medicine

If you are traveling in any EU country, you are not exempt from getting sick and needing medical attention. With the European Health Card you receive healthcare under the same conditions as the residents of the country you reside in.

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